Maria Elena Romero appoints Dean and Director of the College of Political and Social Sciences – Commentary

To use the powers granted by organic law In effect in Article 27, Sections II, IV and VIII, then University’s president from Colima UniversityAnd the Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeno, got Dr. Maria Elena Romero Ortiz Appointed as director of Faculty of Political and Social Sciences from the University of Colima, at a ceremony in the “Alberto Herrera Carrillo” auditorium of the said faculty.

replace file Dr. Enrique Ramirez chairs, who died last week, was the director of that campus. In his speech, the university president said he thought of Maria Elena Romero for this position because He is an academic with national and international recognition Through the lines of investigation it develops; “She is an academic body leader and is also one of the most awarded academics on campus. The sum of all of these factors, including your Experience and commitment to the university And with the faculty, the reasons for appointing the director were.”

In this work, he was silent for a minute Dr. Enrique’s chairsThis was followed by prolonged applause from the campus academic community. Christian Torres Ortiz He also talked about an honor that will be presented to this academic at a later time.

Taking the floor, the university president emphasized that “the current stage is not a simple stage for general higher education in the country; In a short time, cyclical changes have occurred, structural changes that we must know and attend to as an institution of higher learning. these new scenarios It involves new challenges and new challenges. Especially pandemic So he’s asking for it.”

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I insist that you understand that The epidemic has no expiration date that education will not be the same before 2020; “It means learning, Significant change in behavior and models in higher education. Whoever does not understand it in this way will voluntarily assume, perhaps without realizing it, a process of natural exclusion from the new dynamics of the Higher education in the country“.

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To better meet this challenge, invite everyone University employees To be trained to manage New technology tools They apply to education, and above all to stay united, and to work together around the university project. He noted that the past year and a half was complicated for everyone due to the epidemic, “but we are also showing, As college students, we are strong We are ready to meet the challenges that arise.”

Asking the academic community on campus to strive to strengthen and enrich the postgraduate offer and present “Deep, Conscious, and Academic Thinking”, class in Public administration and political scienceConsider the current challenges faced by these areas of knowledge.

Finally, talk about The gradual and responsible return that UdeC will achieve To the direct activities for the semester that will begin in August, he emphasized that the challenge this represented “would not be difficult to meet If we all work together to reduce risk factors عوامل. We have to unite our ranks and be ready to welcome students into our classes soon.”

for this part, Maria Elena Romero, and thanked the president of the university for the trust to grant him Director appointment, he said, would take the commitment “with great responsibility, with more than 25 years of antiquity in which I have had this academic unit. Here I began to train students in an area of Public administration and political science Then the program International relations It gave me the opportunity to develop in my field.”

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Finally, he commented that today requires the complexity of the world and its society A New Dialogue in the Social Sciences. “To understand social reality, we need to add efforts and ideas, but above all commitment, an academic commitment that depends on Quality HR Training تدريب, competitive, to meet the challenges of working abroad that are every day more demanding, requiring constant updating from teachers to accompany them.”

They were with the president of the university in the presidency Joel Nino, the Secretary General; Martha Magana General Coordinator of Teaching. Susanna Aurelia PreciadoDirector General of Higher Education and Celso Armando AvalosGeneral Manager of Human Resources.

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