The 5 trends that will fuel travel in 2022

The CESAE Business & Tourism School Study Center asserts that due to vaccinations and some relaxation in mobility restrictions, in 2022 the pre-pandemic tourist volume could be restored. At Amadeus, they also believe that the sector will be revitalized in the coming year and that will be thanks to five trends emerging from bookings: Traveling with friends, achieving “the journey of your life”, more active and sustainable tourism, revitalizing MICE and travel inspired by films and series.

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After several months at home, first because of confinement and then because of the stagnation of restrictions, interest in travel is more vibrant than ever and Amadeus has identified that many people have realized that “there is no better time than the present to make the journey of a lifetime”.

Amadeus notes that there has been a “huge increase” in searches for destinations that offer epic experiences. Tanzania, for example, they saw a growth of 36%; To cities like Lima and Cusco (near Machu Picchu) almost 50% more, and flights to Petra, famous for Indiana Jones, rose 22%.

They believe that “whether the dream is to finally travel the world or take that long journey to visit relatives on another continent, in 2022 many people will finally book those meaningful trips.”


The pandemic has confirmed the value of social relationships and that they are the key to happiness, so “it is not surprising that 2022 is preparing to be the year of great in-person meetings.”

Amadeus says that “friendships and group holidays to see our loved ones are on the rise, both at home and abroad.”

The UK has seen a rise in holiday bookings for large groups after easing restrictions, but it is not the only country. The technology company sees searches for travel to Cancun (Mexico) and Cartagena (Columbia), which is very popular among friend groups, “doubled compared to the previous year.” On the other hand, looking to travel to Las vigas increased by 61%, and in Europe, Barcelona NS Ibiza Experienced a double health increase.

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– UK: Flourish intergenerational holidays with family and friends

Active ecotourism

The third trend is people’s interest in integrating their environmental and social concerns with their passion for travel. A recent survey commissioned by Amadeus revealed this Two-thirds of consumers make sustainable travel a priority37% of those surveyed believe that opportunities for travelers to participate in the preservation of tourist destinations will help the sector become more sustainable in the long term.

“As ecotourism increases, so will the popularity of activities at the destination with local grassroots organizations, volunteer opportunities and carbon offsets this year and beyond,” they say.

To confirm this trend, they detail that searches for travel from the US to Costa Rica’s eco-paradise increased 234% from year to year, and “in Europe, visitors to Iceland increased by 11%”.

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Amadeus’ recommendation is to work for travelers to add “intended elements to their holidays” and make it possible to work on rebuilding communities as part of their journey, or prioritize community tourism to ensure their spending goes directly to the locals and the places they visit.

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Sustainability wins the right numbers among post-COVID orders

Business trips take off

The Covid-19 virus has forced people to work remotely, and in all this time video conferencing has been proven to work well, but nothing takes the place of meeting in person. Conferences, exhibitions and conferences sector experts confirm that 2022 will be detailed and will mark the beginning of the revitalization of business trips.

Amadeus data confirms this Four out of five business travelers are willing to board a plane To act now, as long as there are security measures in place. With job vacancies increasing and a shortage of workers in many industries, companies are looking for new ways to attract and retain talent. This means getting employees back together, while making payments and expenses easier,” they say.

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Spending on business trips will reach about 66% in the event of a pandemic in 2022

Running, inspirational for travelers

The other change that has happened with Covid-19 is that Flow consumption increased. An example is the experience of the British, who spent a third of their waking hours watching TV or videos online during 2020, says Amadeus.

After several months without being able to travel and watch series or movies, Consumers have found their “Travel Inspiration” on this channel. The influence of audio-visual aids in choosing destinations is not new, but it has multiplied and even Alexa It can now recognize the title of a recently shown movie and suggest travel ideas And inspiration based on filming location.

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“Travel companies have the opportunity to anticipate consumers’ travel aspirations based on the media they view, in order to facilitate the realization of their travel dreams,” Amadeus concluded.

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