Does omelette make you fat? Here’s what nutrition experts say

Corn tortillas have been a standard in Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times, and unfortunately in recent years their consumption has declined, especially in Mexico, due to the myth that this food is fattening.

Ending this myth should be everyone’s responsibility, because it is not only an important part of our culture and an international reference for our identity as Mexicans; It’s also a very nutritionally complete food,” said Yaza Pegos Vázquez, a graduate of Nutrition and Food Sciences, who is responsible for nutritional guidance at La Salle University Ciudad Campus of Mexico. .

He added that due to their nutritional content, tortillas, whether made from nextamal dough or from broken cornmeal such as mensa or masica, among others, should be part of the daily diet of Mexicans, regardless of their age, with the exception of newborns. Their diet is based on breast milk.

In this sense, he explained that although corn tortillas are carbohydrates, they are a rich source of nutrients necessary for the human body.

There is no food in itself that causes weight gain or thinness, and unfortunately some of them, such as tortillas, have myths about them, but the truth is that corn tortillas contain large amounts of calcium and this helps in dental and bone problems and regulates some metabolic mechanisms in the body . It has a very high content of niacin, is part of the B3 group of vitamins and is rich in fiber and iron, a nutrient not only found in meat. In addition, it contains phosphorous, which is necessary for the stabilization and absorption of calcium and the rest of the nutrients in it.

The above, he said, applies to those tortillas that are prepared on the basis of the traditional process of next-malization; However, industrial developments and food engineering have prompted the development of fortified tortillas, which are more beneficial for the human body because they contain a greater amount of nutrients.

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Other benefits of tortillas are that it is affordable, that is, it is a food that all Mexican families have access to due to its cost regardless of their socioeconomic level, and it is very versatile as it can be combined with any other food, thus increasing the nutritional contribution.

Omelettes do not make you fat, but more than that, I suggest and encourage the consumption of this food habitual in our culture every day, in addition to a balanced diet. What you have to take care of a little bit is the ration, but that depends on each person, their health conditions and their physical activity. ”

He explained that it is advisable to consume between two and three tortillas at meal time; However, people who are physically active or expend a lot of energy in their daily activities, usually consume up to six servings of this food.”

It must be remembered that corn tortillas in Mexico are still made primarily from unflavoured corn dough, which is 65%, compared to 35% from cornmeal, and crumbled as follows: 25% by Masica, 8% by Mensa, 1% For Harimasa, 0.50% for Cargill, 0.40% for Macsa and 0.20% for Blancas.

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