A university in the UK will be offering the next Master's degree course in Occultism

In light of the ever-changing academic landscape, New university courses They bloom every year, which reflects Development of interests and constant search for knowledge. In this context, the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom surprised the academic world by announcing… Leading master's degree in magic and esotericism. An initiative that will begin in September 2024, which is being presented as The first of its kind At a British university.

Professor Emily Seloff, Director of the Innovative Program and an expert in medieval Arabic literature, explained that the creation of the title arose from Growing interest in the history of magic And the need for a space dedicated to magical research in various academic disciplines.

As described in The Guardian, the curriculum will cover topics ranging from Study of Western dragons in tradition, literature, and arteven the archeologythe Representation of women in the Middle Agesyour exercise Deception And philosophy anesthetic. Teachers will explore how magic has influenced society and science through Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions.

Growing interest

Dr Christina Oakley Harrington, a retired medieval historian and founder of Treadwells, a London library specializing in literature on magic, said many people were interested in the programme, not because they were seeking to learn practical magic, but because of it. curiousity About the perception of the visible and invisible world. For her part, Pam Grossman, author and host of the podcast “The Witch Wave,” highlighted this interest in witchcraft. It does not require literal belief In Supernatural. “Regardless of whether we believe in magic or not, it still deserves academic rigor because humans have practiced magic for thousands and thousands of years, and therefore it deserves study and attention,” he revealed.

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Since announcing this master's degree, Dr. Silov has received hundreds of inquiries from students interested in the program, underscoring the need to explore new perspectives to address social challenges. “If we are looking for truly new and innovative solutions to the problems we face as a society, we must be honest and brave about the fact that some of our tried-and-true methodologies have limits,” he said, adding: “Let us try with caution.” And take responsibility for some new or old ideas we have discarded.

Other universities that offer courses in esotericism

Finally, it is worth noting that although the University of Exeter said it was the first British university to offer a degree in magic, other universities have offered courses and certificates on the subject. In this sense, the University of Amsterdam offers a major in Western Esotericism, while the Department of Religion at Rice University in Texas offers a degree in Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism with which you can work for example in museums or arts organizations, lead spiritual retreats, or conduct more academic research on this the topic.

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