The 3 things you should never do with Alexa for your own good

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Smart assistants like Alexa, They have become a sensation since their launch. However, although they have endless hidden orders, there are Things you should never ask them aboutFor your own good.

It must be remembered that if you do not deactivate the function, Smart assistants record parts of conversations. So, even if you feel tempted to trust alexa, Sometimes it's better to review what you're asking for. here they are Three things you shouldn't do with Alexa and Siri Or any other assistant:

1. Ask for medical advice from Alexa

As happens with information on the Internet, where reliable sources are mixed with other unreliable sources, it is better to do so Avoid seeking medical advice.

Alexa takes information from different websites, so if something goes wrong, you could end up in a more serious situation. It is always best to consult a professional.

2. Do not ask for instructions to do something illegal

As mentioned earlier, some virtual assistants leave certain parts of conversations in their logs. In addition, you can create a history in your account of your preferences as well as the searches you have performed.

Avoids Ask Alexa How to harm someone or actions something outside the law. These types of questions can be used against you.

3. Grant access to your bank accounts

This element is controversial. Banks and major financial companies began years ago to provide some services in the field of visual aids. However, the ability to perform these tasks also comes with safety concerns.

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If you want your Alexa assistant or anyone else to be able to access your bank accounts, try creating a strong password and getting proper encryption.

Although it's no more risky than doing online banking, it's very important to make sure only you have access. It's always a good idea to think about safety.

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