Mexico will be ranked in the United States

after Mexican national team You got your ticket to the next stage

Copa America 2024

Which will be held in United State, the South American Confederation Announce the pots matching the draw and show it Mexico He will be one of the four seeds for this international tournament.

Through an official announcement, South American football authorities indicated that the team Aztecs He will start as a seed with teams like Brazil, Argentina and the United States For the next tournament.

That's why we'll explain below why Mexican national team It will be an indicator of the group, as well as when the corresponding groups will be announced

Copa America 2024

that Tricolor He will return after eight years of absence.

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Why is Mexico ranked in Copa America 2024?

As it is and as stipulated by the authorities CONMEBOL, Mexico and the United States They will share the hype with Argentina And Brazil Thanks to FIFA ranking Which is updated periodically over time.

And according to the list FIFAthe Mexican national team They are placed 12th in the rankings of the best countries in the world, which places Tricolor as the 4th best team out of all the teams that will compete in the world.

Copa America 2024.

However he said Argentina It is the number 1 In order, Brazil The third and United State It is placed in Position 11.

Who are Mexico's potential opponents in Copa America 2024?

With drums already revealed for the upcoming release of copa america 2024, Potential competitors of Mexican national team Each section will be shown below:

  • Argentina, Brazil, United States, Mexico
  • Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
  • Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Paraguay
  • Jamaica, Bolivia, winner of the playoff between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago, winner of the playoff between Costa Rica and Honduras

It is important to mention that the lottery is for Copa America 2024 Which will be held next Thursday, December 7th Miami, United States.

Because the replay winners are not available yet Canada And Trinidad and TobagoBeside Costa Rica And HondurasOnly the results of the countries that have tickets for this tournament will be known.

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