Thanks to this trick, you can check if the microphone and speakers of your Xiaomi device are working properly

We explain step by step how you can check if the speakers or microphone of your Xiaomi mobile phone has a fault, before taking it to the technical service.

MIUI hides a function that allows you to check if the microphone and speakers of your Xiaomi smartphone are working as they should

MIUI, which will soon be replaced by HyperOS, has become one of the most popular Android customization layers in the world thanks to… The huge number of jobs it hassome of which allow you to improve the fluidity of your terminal or ensure that your Xiaomi smartphone is charged at maximum speed.

But what you probably don't know is that your Xiaomi mobile phone hides a secret menu that allows you to do this Check if some hardware components such as microphone or speakers are working properly.

Next, we'll tell you how to access and use this menu Check if the microphone and speakers of your Xiaomi device have anything wrong.

How to access the hardware test menu on your Xiaomi mobile phone

If you notice that the microphone or speakers of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO smartphone started to fail and the problem persists after restarting the device, before taking it to the technical service, you can do Some simple functional testing of these components using the MIUI secret menu.

Whether you have MIUI 13 or MIUI 14, To access this hidden menu from your Xiaomi mobile phone You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the board Settings From your Xiaomi terminal
  • Click on the first section labeled About phone
  • Click on the button Detailed information and specifications
  • Scroll down to the section Kernel version And tap on it several times to activate the MIUI hardware test menu
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How to use the MIUI Test Menu to check if the microphone and speakers of your Xiaomi mobile phone are working well

Once you get into the MIUI device tests menu, you will have to run specific tests for them Make sure that the microphone and speakers of your mobile phone are flawless.

Therefore, to make sure that your Xiaomi speakers are working properly, you will have to perform tests 8 (receiver), 9 (bottom_speaker) and 10 (top_speaker) Therefore, after pressing each of these buttons, you will hear a sound that will be repeated several times. times. A couple of numbers that you have to dial on the on-screen numeric keypad. Finally, if you heard them correctly you will have to click the button passes To indicate that the test was successful and that the speakers are healthy.

For its part, to make sure that the microphone of your Xiaomi phone does not malfunction, you must press buttons 11 (Main MIC) and 12 (Top MIC) and after doing so you will be prompted to Make noise or say something near each of your smartphone's microphones Then listen to it using headphones to make sure you hear it correctly.

If this simple tutorial to check the status of the speakers and microphone of your Xiaomi phone was useful to you and you want to get the most out of your smartphone, don't forget to take a look at our guide with the best tricks for your Xiaomi mobile phone.

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