Terminator effect! When does the new solar intensity cycle begin that will affect the planet?

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boss United States National Center for Atmospheric Research (NACAR) Scott W Macintosh It revealed that the maximum phase of the solar climax had begun 12 months ahead of schedule And it caused the solar effect “Terminator”, An astronomical event that generates severe geometric storms. Undoubtedly, in the midst of the high temperatures experienced by Mexico and effects of climate change Seen all over the world, the solar effect is another phenomenon that will affect the planet.

According to the scientist, he and his team collected information about solar activity for two decades and found that the “solar maximum” came earlier, as expected in late 2023 or early 2024; There were those who indicated that it could happen in the middle of 2025. In addition, experts have specified What are the effects of the “Terminator”? All over the world, solar eruptions can cause interference with radio signals or satellite navigation systems, among other things.

When does the Terminator begin its solar intensity cycle?

Newspaper Country revealed it since then April 23rd “The northern lights have been seen at very low latitudes near the Earth’s equator, far from the usual polar environment. The show has been recorded in places like Texas.” So the effects of these solar flares started ahead of schedule, generating the “Terminator” phenomenon, which begins at the end of the solar cycle, which lasts 11 years, and changes its trajectory to the star’s polarity. In the following days we will be able to see the effects in different parts of the world.

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For his part, the geophysicist, Juan Mikel cake He revealed, “We are in a solar cycle that is more active than expected at the time, according to the estimates of the predictions of the previous solar model, and likens us to living in a” seismic zone “. We must take into account that there will be possible damage that the solar peak will cause, especially to the electrical grid. In addition to The vulnerability of the electrical grid to space weather Juan Mikel Torta categorized solar flares at their extreme as “events of low probability but high impact” where there would be problems for electric grid or satellite.

At the same time, it is expected an increase in radiation by 0.1%, Which causes effects in communications, electrical networks, GPS systems, and affects satellites orbiting the Earth. It gives way to seeing the northern lights like the one that occurred in Texas, in April 2023. If the “terminator” solar effect becomes stronger, the measures to take into account are to protect satellites and take care of air traffic.

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