FMF joins Concacaf and will have zero tolerance for discriminatory yelling

ESPNJune 17, 2023 at 11:48 p.m. ETReading: two minutes.

The Mexican Football Federation supports the federation in implementing measures and actions to eradicate it.

the Mexican Football Federation He reiterated his stance of zero tolerance Discrimination cry It adds to the actions that CONCACAF To try to eliminate it, that’s after match against the United Statesfrom the semi-finals of The League of Nationshad to finish with five minutes remaining in extra time with the aforementioned practice attended by the fans.

“The federation renews its position against discriminatory shouting in stadiums and supports the federation in implementing procedures and measures to eliminate it,” a statement issued by the federation said. fmf Saturday afternoon.

“the Mexican Football Federation (fmf) reiterates its position of zero tolerance for any kind of offensive or discriminatory manifestations in stadiums and supports CONCACAF In implementing efforts and protocols aimed at preventing yelling during the match in favor of Third place against Panamafollower The League of Nations In Las Vegas, and during the next day Gold cup on the soil of the United States.”

The discriminatory cry was present in Mexico’s defeat against the United States.Imago 7

In the said statement, the fmf He supported the protocols implemented by FIFA and CONCACAF to try to eliminate it Discrimination cryAs happened last Thursday against the United States, when Al-Safer decided to end the match five minutes before the end of the match, before the 12 minutes he added.

That is why she will at all times condemn statements like the one that occurred during the semi-finals of CONCACAF League of Nations between Mexico And the United States, we will encourage the activation of the protocols by the referees and security personnel during the following matches.”

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next post from Mexican national team This Sunday will be with the match for third place in CONCACAF League of Nations against Panama.

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