Telegram: what is the update of your voice service and what is your advantage

“It’s like a public radio, reinvented for the 21st century,” Telegram said of its new update (Image: Telegram)

Just in the day that there was a massive drop in WhatsApp in different regions of the world, cable Presented to him New update for voice chatWhich proves that it offers more than its competitors.

In addition to not constantly falling out and keeping users 100% secure, Telegram has options that WhatsApp will not give to its users for a long time, one of which is this new method that allows interaction in group voice chats with a series of settings making it comfortable and easy to use.

From this day on, channels Unlimited voice chat for subscribers, Which may also be Chiseled, with hand-lift mechanics, call links For speakers and listeners, Chat addresses Voicemail and a mode for choosing how to join voice chats.

Telegram Voice Update (Video: Telegram)

Now channel managers and public groups will be able to voice chats to millions of listeners who will be able to fine-tune the conversation. “It is like a public broadcasting reinvented for the twenty-first century“.

To start a voice chat, it is necessary that you are in charge of a group or channel, you will first have to open the profile, then touch (⋮) or (⋯) and choose Start a voice chat.

Admins will now be able to record and share chats with those who missed the conversation.

Telegram is making new uses in its group conversations with no limit on listeners (Photo: Europa Press)
Telegram is making new uses in its group conversations with no limit on listeners (Photo: Europa Press)

The option to start recording will appear in the upper left of the app. Once you finish recording, The audio will be available immediately in the saved messages. To avoid surprises, chats that are recorded are highlighted with a red light next to their title.

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For better ranking, in chats where participants are muted, listeners canRaise your hand “And notify officials who want to speak. “It’s like calling a talk show but with addicting animationsTelegram noted.

It should be noted that the text of the CV will be visible in the list of participants, and it can be used to express an interesting side. This information can also help admins find space for questions or comments from participants.

Telegram is WhatsApp's biggest rival (Image: Shutterstock)
Telegram is WhatsApp’s biggest rival (Image: Shutterstock)

In addition, public channel group administrators can create The invitation links They open the voice chat instantly.

It should be noted that Create links to speakers and listeners. This way, it is not necessary to unmute the speakers when they join, and a different link can be used to promote the next talk.

Another feature is that voice chats are now You have optional addresses That will help users Look at talking points before joining.

Telegram also provides an option for people to choose Join to To a voice chat, that is, they can appear with their personal account or as one of their channels.

Users have more safety on Telegram (Photo: Julia Marchi / The New York Times)
Users have more safety on Telegram (Photo: Julia Marchi / The New York Times)

If someone accidentally chooses the wrong chat, when forwarding messages, you can touch X Before sending it to cancel the forwarding or choose a different chat.

You can too Play resume From where I left when listening to long audio messages.

It must be remembered that to access the service you must Download Telegram from your app store for freeOnce you install it and enter a number, you will be able to enjoy all these options and more.

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