Presentation of the Civic Innovation Strategy for the Puebla Elections

In order to make it available to approximately 5 million Of potential voters in Puebla State, Timely information on candidates and candidates in the process, and Civil Innovation Strategy for him The election process 2021.

The initiative created by the student group Only for Incorruptibles (SPI) of Tec de Monterrey in Puebla, Powered by Blocktime, The Puebla State Electoral Institute (IEE), The National Electoral Institute (INE) s Mexican transparency.

“Citizens decide, reward and punish their representatives; They will determine the path of our country. He said that the freedom to make a decision will be embodied as long as you are informed. ” José Juan Anzures, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Government of the Central and Southern District.

The new tool is supported by various entities

The Civil Innovation Strategy It includes Three technical tools:

· Parliamentary Office Designed by Academics from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City); With the aim of facilitating access to information and monitoring the performance of political representatives in Federal Congress.

· The choice is without corruption, Designed by Tecnológico de Monterrey students and professors at the Puebla Campus; Its purpose is to receive complaints and contribute to power to avoid acts of corruption.

· Blocktime, Designed by Students and EXATEC To enhance citizen participation mechanisms in promoting participatory budget processes.

They get acquainted with the advantages of the tool
They get acquainted with the advantages of the tool

One of the measures for generating information for the voters is 3 out of 3 initiatives In the 2021 elections; It will be in the next few days when the formats and the platform will be introduced, For publication and consultation Candidates’ information.

In the presentation, speakers agreed on the importance of combating corruption in which institutions are located. Teacher Eduardo Bohórquez, CEO of Transparency Mexicana He explained that Her transformation is necessary.

Democratic institutions They defend themselves by demanding from them, by demanding an innovative and rich agenda; When we have to defend it it is because of a gap in terms of needs Citizenship that requires other forms of civic participation“.

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The transformation of democratic institutions is essential
The transformation of democratic institutions is essential

For its part, President and CEO of INE, Hector Castro Talk about the importance of practicing voting, Mainly by young people, With whom you think about The ability to direct the upcoming elections.

Young people account for 30% of the electoral roll and are the least voted; It is important because they can determine the choice; We want them to be concerned and realize that the decisions of our leaders are good or bad for us. “

With your vote, youth can change the course of elections
With your vote, youth can change the course of elections

The status Puebla Will be in dispute over the election’s popular positions Local congress, The Federal Congress (House of Representatives) and City councils.

As for municipal governments, they will be disputed 217 Town Halls, 1810 Rigidorias s 217 guards. for him Puebla State Congress, They will argue 26 local councils have a relative majority s 15 proportional representation.

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