Tec expert provides a glimpse into the future of AI in health and education

Carmen Reyes Peraza,Director of Software Engineering at Tech de MonterreyShare your vision The future of artificial intelligence (Amnesty International) applies to Health and education.

This came during his main lecture delivered at International Forum for Health Leadership (FILS) 2023 Subordinate Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (EMCS) Of technology.

According to the computer science teacher, the importance of artificial intelligence lies in its ability to solve complex problems and solve them very quickly.

Artificial intelligence has become one of the important pillars of… Digital transformation Because it allows us to generate innovation, efficiency and personalization of services“, he commented.

Uses of artificial intelligence in the health sector

According to the director, on the issue of health, artificial intelligence is not far from helping Robotic surgeryto implement Preventive diagnosis And generating New treatments.

Today there are many developments, for example, with computer vision and Image processingIt is possible to observe what the human eye cannot see“, he commented.

He even highlighted that AI is capable of improving X-ray images and other imaging studies for abnormality detection and performance Prognosis of disease progression.

The images are processed using an algorithm, a comparison is made between different cases of patients who have developed a disease and a diagnosis is made according to their progression.“.

It is clear that if this algorithm is accompanied by patient informationSetting expectations is more accurate“he added.

In health, artificial intelligence can be used in surgeries, prevention and new treatments.

“Artificial intelligence has become one of the important pillars of digital transformation.”

It is also an ally of education

Regarding education, Carmen Reyes asserts that artificial intelligence will support generations Virtual assistants And Immersive experiences.

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This does not mean that we will replace teachers, but we can accompany each student in a more personalized way and focus the teacher on where there is a very special need.“.

Scenarios can be designed automatically that allow students to experience what they are learning virtually.“, he commented.

In education, AI will support the generation of virtual assistants and immersive experiences.

In the case of Tec, Reyes commented that the organization has ventured for several years into the field of artificial intelligence through… Machine learning Or machine learning.

Machine learning is a series of algorithms that have the ability to Processing large amounts of information And analyze how they relate to each other Identify patterns and make predictions“.

But now, with the democratization of generative ideas, we have developed an in-house solution called TECgpt“Announce.

Carmen added that TECgpt is A framework based on generative artificial intelligence Which will currently be used to compile texts, create posts on social networks or search for information.

Participants in the International Health Leadership Forum.

FILS is a forum organized by EMCS in collaboration with International Alliance of Academic Medical Centerswhich brings together leaders to exchange ideas to promote a healthy ecosystem in Mexico.

In this Ninth edition of FILS Conferences and seminars were held under 4 axes: Transformational leadership, patient-centered education, artificial intelligence and digital health, and adding value to healthcare.

They participated More than 20 national and international speakers From various health and educational institutions, it was based at the EMCS Center for Innovation and Transfer in Health (CITES) in Monterrey.

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