Is Wimbledon in danger? This is what happens with the Grand Slam tournament in the United Kingdom

Wimbledon’s plan to expand and build 39 new courts is on the verge of collapse. Wandsworth Council, which has part of the jurisprudence of the land on which it intends to build the All England Club, They unanimously rejected the expansion and now the Mayor of London’s office will have the final say.

Wimbledon bought the Wimbledon Park land adjacent to the All England Club in 2018 for about 72 million euros, with the aim of building 38 stadiums and a stadium with a capacity of 8,000 spectators. However, these lands, which are classified as green areas, are subject to the Merton neighborhoods jurisprudence. Which already gave its approval for the expansion last month, and from Wandsworth, which rejected it on Tuesday night.

Sally Bolton, chief executive of the All England Club, said: “We are extremely disappointed by Wandsworth Town Council’s decision.. “Our proposal represents one of the most significant sporting transformations in London since 2012, as well as providing important benefits to the local community.”

“We firmly believe that this project delivers social, economic and environmental improvements, by creating, for example, a public park in an area that was previously a private area, “In addition to creating jobs,” Bolton added, noting that this part of the park was previously a private golf club.

Game events from the round of 16 of the Wimbledon Championship, between Daniel Galland and Jannik Sinner

France Press agency

This leaves Wimbledon at a crossroads as it will now be up to the Mayor of London to decide whether the expansion goes ahead or not.

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Residents of the area fought for this proposal not to be approved, claiming that it would cause environmental problems for the flora and fauna of the park due to the structures that would be constructed. It is worth noting the great power that the neighbors have regarding the tournament, with a curfew at 11:00 pm so as not to disturb their comfort as well as ‘Middle Sunday” (the first Sunday was not played) which was held until 2022 to give a day of rest to the neighbors.

The aim of Wimbledon is to expand the current offer of venues, as it has 19 tournament courts, in addition to the existing practice courts at Orangi Park, as well as the ability to play the qualifying stage in the same complex, as the rest of the venues. Grand Slam, not in Roehampton, several kilometers away.

The Mayor of London’s office will have to make a decision in the next two weeks. If Wimbledon is not in her favour, she may take legal action.

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