Teachings of traditional Chinese medicine that we need to repeat

Remember that everything that causes you physical and emotional well-being, goes hand in hand so that you can have a good life with all kinds of spiritual teachings that are reflected thanks to TCM. There is so much to discover and learn that you definitely won’t want to stay without getting started

When we talk about the famous traditional Chinese medicine, it can seem a little complicated to try to replicate its teachings. Something very unreal, people can add small ideas to their habits and gradually become a part of their lives. We have some steps that will definitely help you feel rejuvenated and make it a special routine.

Now if we explain it better, TCM is a medical system that has been used for many years to prevent and treat diseases. Their beliefs are based on the body’s vital energy known as QI. The same thing that flows throughout the body to keep the body and mind in balance. So we leave you some teachings that you can definitely implement.

forget your age

TCM is seen as an important pillar to stop valuing the years, and give value to the person you are and all that your body can do. Avoid setting a limit on yourself by age, everything goes well when a person really knows himself and does not stop trying the things he likes.

The power of aroma

For traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to have herbs that help treat all kinds of discomfort, hence the love for tea or aromatherapy in Asia. Treat scents as something that helps you improve your intuition every day you live. You can even smell the trees when you are in nature or the salty smell of the sea. Each one takes you to a moment and if you use that to your advantage. I won…

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Learn to calm down

One of the basic teachings of TCM is the practice of keeping your kidneys and head warm. Until now, grandmothers all over the world say a lot for the sake of real luxury. Either not let go of bad thoughts or focus and focus only on what is due without indulging in hate or complicated feelings.

laugh more

Speaking of QI strength, there is something that helps the energy be vibrating high and we can be at 100%. Laughter improves more than you take in high-oxygen air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the release of endorphins in your brain. This is why maintaining a positive attitude makes a person perform better in their activities when they are sad or stressed.

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