Tartan or the renewed print that conquers celebrities of all time (and returns this fall)

Also known as Scottish print or plaidTartan is a wardrobe staple print, and it is It never gets old. Proof of this is the long list of celebrities that has been carried throughout history. For all of them, and for you too, we have good news because tartan is back and the 2023 fashion shows are the big test.

Originating in Scotland, tartan is a true symbol of this country’s cultural heritage. A cloth that was used to identify the Scottish clans of the Highlands and thus distinguish their fabrics from those of other societies. So, Each clan actually had its own tartan pattern, woven on hand looms that were used to make blankets to keep them warm. Something that soon became reserved for traditional Scottish kilts and other clothing.

Little by little, different tartan designs began to be associated with families and clans In the twentieth century it entered the wardrobe of women throughout the United Kingdom. And apparently he also did it in a closet the Royal family Already during the reign of Queen Victoria. It was specifically her husband, Prince Albert, who designed the “Balmoral Tartan” in honor of the castle the royal family owns in the Highlands and where they like to spend time. From Queen Elizabeth II to Kate Middleton (41 years old), the current Princess of Wales, through Lady Di, have all worn different tartan prints on numerous occasions in skirts, jackets, suits or dresses.

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Sarah Jessica Parker holds hands with designer Alexander McQueen at the 2006 MET Gala.


However, this print was not only a symbol of royalty, but also became a symbol of young people dissatisfied with the British monarchy in the late 1970s to early 2000s, become a slogan for punk. And from there to the fashion catwalks because designers like Coco Chanel or Christian Dior in the 1950s incorporated this print into their collections, which increased their success. In fact, we didn’t just see it on the catwalk and in Street styleAlso on the red carpet, such as the appearance of the actress Sarah Jessica Parker (58) by designer Alexander McQueen at the MET Gala in 2006.

Today, tartan is still a very popular choice among celebrities and major fashion designers, so in 2023 we saw it on many fashion shows, including Stella McCartney and Dior in coats, two-piece sets, midi skirts and bomber jackets. It was also chosen by well-known faces such as Gigi Hadid (28) Or Dua Lipa (28).

Tartan is back on the streets this season Already our wardrobes and this famous print looks good on everyone in any of its versions. Classic in style, designers are looking for new ways to experiment with it, combining it with new color combinations or combinations of prints.

Simorra reversible jacket.

If you don’t know how to join this new trend, Simorra has the most versatile and easy-to-wear pieces in your daily life. the Tartan coats It is one of them because it is the best way to add it to any daily look and even for formal occasions like this one in green with touches of orange. Suits It is another one of the most comfortable and simple ways to wear, and is a sophisticated option to wear in Overall look Or separately to create different groups.

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Tartan is a trendy print That has conquered celebrities of all time, and in 2023 it returns strongly to sweep street style.

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