TAES CAMEO: BTS’s V is a stylish bartender in Peakboy’s “Gyopo hairstyle” music video

the The fifth veil BTS in Peakboy’s “Gyopo hairstyle” MV is the Twitter sensation. The idol leaves behind his “permission to dance” era style for a moment to bring to life a physically elegant but one-of-a-kind bartender in his friend’s Wooga Squad brand.

The video that also shows the presence of other members of the friendly group, park hyung sik wai park seo joon, and more celebrities as different characters, the night of July 25 (KST) on the official YouTube channel of the Korean rapper.

Previously, on the 18th, the audio format of this song written and composed by Peakboy was released which deals with choosing what in life we ‚Äč‚Äčlike to do to be happy and full of confidence.

TAES CAMEO has become a trend

Fans expected a performance Taehyung en el MV “Gyopo hairstyle” Since it was announced in early July; So, it’s no surprise that when it was released it went viral and a trend on Twitter.

tickets like TICE Cameo Collect ARMY’s best reactions to the act that became the idol’s debut in any video for a movie other than Bangtan.

Taehyung in the Peakboy video. Photo: YouTube capture

Wooga in memory of Peakboy

Engraving in a video sencillo “Gyopo hairstyle” Arrive ten days after the reunionFor Wooga Squad en el fanmeeting Actor Choi Woo Shik’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

During the virtual event, the famous friends gave updates on their private artistic lives. They also played guessing questions about the star of the party.

Another topic that emerged was a conversation about the parasite in which protagonist Woo Shik revealed that V was the first to congratulate him on the landslide victory of the Korean film at the 2020 Academy Awards.

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He and his Wooga friends at the Woo Shik fan meeting. Photo: Sumpy

In this regard, the greeting that the idol addressed to the translator on BTS channel was published on Twitter early last year.

Yo and Choi Woo Shik walking in Los Angeles in January 2020. Photo: BTS_twt

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