Synergy between the public and private sectors for the productive and federal development of science

session Dialogue Technologies: Technological Connectivity Experiences in the Regionmanaged by the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) through the Department of Technological Links (GVT), which counted in its second edition in the presence of the President of the Council Ana Franchi and the Director of Technological Connectivity Sergio Romano, who together with the Director of CCT Mendoza, Fidel Roig, and Director of the CCT Salta-Jujuy, Raul Alberto Picchio, and Director of the CCT Austral Center for Scientific Research -CADIC-, Gustavo Ferreyra, shared a day of active listening and value-enhancing bonding experiments.

Projects were submitted online, to ensure federal participation, and experiences were shared regarding the implementation of scientific diving applied to the Beagle Channel Recreational Diving Business Plan; To generate scientific knowledge based on the sustainable management of Mendoza vineyards, as well as corn fermentation production in the Andes, as a new alternative to a gluten-free brewery.

CONICET researchers, with the support of the management staff, carry out different linkage projects, linked to different areas of knowledge and social needs of different actors in the productive sector in different parts of the national territory. Because of this diversity, the creation of spaces for dialogue is an enriching experience, as it constitutes a meeting and exchange point for members of the scientific community, while highlighting the scope of the technological link being promoted in various fields.

The second meeting of this course sought to promote, like the first meeting, the creation of a listening and learning space that encourages questioning and diversification of voices in conversation. Three projects were shared during the workday:

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• At the outset, the work carried out by CADIC researchers Maria Bagor Creta and Julieta Kaminski, consisting of the implementation of scientific diving applied to the Beagle Channel recreational diving business plan, was presented together with Arakur SA, represented by Chief Engineer Esteban Luis Apolsky .

• Next, researchers Ana Cohen and Karina González, both from the Institute of Agricultural Biology of Mendoza (IBAM, CONICET-UNCUYO), directed by Ricardo Masueli, shared their work with Terrazas de Los Andes, members of Bodegas Chandon SA and represented by Daniela Mezzatista. The project consists of generating scientific knowledge based on sustainable management of vineyards.

• Finally, Gustavo Scalone of NOA’s Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Technology and Social Development (CIITeD, CONICET-UNJu) spoke with Laura Golovanevsky about Andean corn brewing, a novel alternative to a gluten-free brewery. The counterpart to this R&D is Vilma Legendaria SAS, represented at the meeting by Andrea Compare, who markets the product through its SIETE CHOLAS beer line.

with the session Dialogue Technologies: Technological Connectivity Experiences in the Regionmanaged by CONICET through the Department of Technology Liaison, six research groups from different provinces have been in contact with relevant actors in the productive sector with the aim of providing an institutional framework that encourages the exchange of experiences in a consortium and interdisciplinary way.

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