Suriname will require Venezuelans to obtain a visa

Surinamese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Ramdin, He announced on Friday that his country would again require entry visas for nationals of 21 countries from May 1, less than a year after lifting that requirement to promote tourism.

“The visa waiver is not used for expected fines,” Ramdin stated, explaining that the visa requirement was used for countries whose citizens were caught abusing their visas when entering Suriname.

In this sense, he said that this procedure will be implemented on my citizens Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ghana, Somalia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Syriaamong others.

Similarly, the minister stated that although he also announced the number of arrivals from China, Morocco, Romania and Colombia, visa requirements for nationals of these countries would not be specified.

Ramdin explained that when the government introduced the visa waiver on May 1 last year, the aim was to attract as many tourists as possible to Suriname and make the country more accessible to foreign investors.

However, he said, an assessment was made and it was discovered, among other things, that LTravelers used Suriname as a stopover.

The foreign minister emphasized that “a small group abuses this and it is something we cannot allow.”

We do not want problems with other countries because we have become a behavioralso. “We do not want to be seen as a country that facilitates human smuggling and the illegal movement of people,” he added.

Source: EFE.

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