Sunak refuses to apologize for the potential damage to the British economy under Truss

Madrid, November 15 (European press) –

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Tuesday refused to apologize for the potential damage his predecessor’s government, Liz Truss, was causing to the British economy and stressed that the consequences had already been reversed.

Thus, he explained that the effect of the so-called “mini-budget” that Truss promoted to deal with the growing economic crisis caused by rising food and gas prices “has already softened.”

In this sense, it has confirmed that the damage has been “properly repaired”, according to information from the BBC. “I think it is very important for people to understand what has happened since I became prime minister. Over the past few weeks we have been able to notice many economic factors (…) and we have made improvement,” he said.

“Now we are facing the same challenges as most countries,” he said regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the current geopolitical context.

His argument is similar to that of former finance minister Kwasi Quarting, who asserted that he warned Truss that her highly criticized economic and financial plan, which she had to back off, would end up driving her out of Downing Street.

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