Time and channel to watch the Women’s Gold Cup quarter-finals live

Specifically, the duel against the South Americans was the only match in which the tricolor team lost in the entire group stage. Against Panama, in their debut, they managed to score 0-6 and make their way to the next stage. After that, the result came against Brazil (0-1) and then the victory over the Puerto Ricans in the third round.

The Colombian team entered the quarter-finals, which is the second group in the Gold Cup. | picture: AP

That was the distinction from the national team A team with a lot of attacking skills and security In defense. One of the most outstanding people was Linda Caicedo, as well as Catalina Osme, who emerged as the most intelligent character and was chosen among the perfect eleven in the first stage.

The ideal lineup for the group stage of the Women’s Gold Cup has been formed from Sydney Martinez (Puerto Rico); Karen Luna (Mexico), Kadisha Buchanan (Canada), Rafael (Brazil), Jesse Fleming (Canada); Priscilla Chinchilla (Costa Rica), Doda Santos (Brazil), Jacqueline Ovalley (Mexico); Adriana Leon (Canada), Jaeden Shaw (USA), Catalina Osme (Colombia).

In each of the preliminary stage matches, the Mexican football midfielder provided an assist for a goal. Moreover, he complemented his performances against Panama and Puerto Rico with plenty in each match, reaching a score of 8.3.

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“Cracktalina” left a message that gets us excited for the future. | picture: Getty Images

USA in the quarterfinals

The recent history of confrontations between the two teams does not set a good precedent for the coffee makers. The last 5 matches against each other were friendly and the wins trended towards North America: there were 4 wins for the Americans to none for the Colombians, saving only a tie at the end of 2023.

Women's Gold Cup after the group stage

Women’s Gold Cup after the group stage | picture: W Gold Cup

In terms of the roster the Marseille coach might use for this important encounter, it is certainly the best he has. With Linda Caicedo, Catalina Osme and Daniela Montoya as the core of the team; However, changes are not ruled out as indicated a few days ago.

During the first phase of the tournament, the strategist stated that despite having a core team, he was no stranger to differences so that everyone was at a good level: “I want everyone to compete and reach the final round with a great rhythm. I want everyone to arrive with the pressure generated.” About the ability to play with the need to achieve the result.

Furthermore, after the match with Brazil, he said they must once again believe in their ability to cross against the favourites: “We focused a lot on holding the ball and handling it. “Often we respect the great powers, but we must realize that we can play side by side.”

Time and channel to watch the match live

United States vs. Colombia

date: Sunday 3 March

hour: 8:15 PM (Columbia time)

stadium: Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, California.

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