Sudamiris accompanied the meeting of senior managers of member entities of the Sustainable Financing Agenda

As part of the celebrations of 10 years of corporate work for the sustainable finance agenda, a meeting was held with the CEOs and senior managers of the seventeen member units, as well as members of the MFS Board of Directors and representatives of international exhibitors from banking entities committed to the principles of development and sustainable finance.

Like Sudameris, the event participants are Conor McEnroy, President of Banco Sudameris; Sebastian Lahey, Vice President of Sudameris; Jeronimo Nasser, Managing Director, Sudameris; and Omar Fernandez, director of credit risk. The aim of this meeting was to share experiences with multilateral organizations, who have been able to integrate sustainability strategies into their action plans and recognized for their progress and commitment, and encouraged Paraguayan entities to be champions and take leadership in this process of change. The event was held at Jade Park on October 5 and was attended by about 45 participants. During the event, agreements were also signed between MFS and the UK Embassy in Paraguay.

The Sustainable Finance Agenda is a voluntary collaboration platform that promotes initiatives and strategies that contribute to building a more supportive and inclusive economy. Banco Sudameris has been a part of the history of this organization since its inception, underlining its commitment to promoting sustainable finance in Paraguay.

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