Students graduated in political science from UATx

Providing society with individuals capable of resolving the complex situations we experience in our daily lives is a priority for the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), and for this reason, through the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Criminology, a graduation ceremony was held for students of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala, generation 2019-2023, of the degree Bachelor in Political Science and Public Administration, held in the interactive hall “Manuel Lardizabal and Uribe”.

Dr. Serafin Ortiz Ortiz, President of UATx, highlighted that there are 223 students and faculty members consisting of 61 academics, who over the course of 38 years have graduated 1,751 students in the 45 generations that comprise it, of whom a high percentage is registered with a graduation rate of 75%, in addition to obtaining On the credits.

He said that this discipline is very important in electoral processes, and it is time to apply the theory of what has been learned and socially disseminated to ensure that Tlaxcala has better living conditions, where the needs required by the community are met. He called on the graduates to excel in political activity, as well as to be part of public bodies where they can praise their alma mater.

For his part, Mr. Dante Morales Cruz, Director of the College, pointed out that when they leave this educational stage, they move from the academic environment to the social reality, where they will face a series of collective phenomena, for which he stated that, according to their abilities, they will be able to offer new options and innovative solutions to design other horizons.

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Alumni representative, José Alfredo de Fermin de Jante, expressed that they bear the obligation to be the agent of change that our society needs to aspire to with hope and determination. He concluded by saying: “We cannot change what has already happened in the past, but we can influence our future. Let us continue to be critical and committed.”

This event was attended by the administrative structure of UATx University and the College.

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