Patrick Mahomes is unique in this record in sports in the United States

2023 season NFL It peaked with Win 25-22 Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers in it Super Bowl XVIII. With that in mind, Heads They built their dynasty and are now the team everyone wants to beat Patrick Mahomes He will be the target of all these attacks; In fact, to increase this evil number MahomesHe is the only player in the history of sports in the United States to hold this record.

Patrick Mahomes He is one of the best players in the history of the league, it is a fact. He will be remembered by millions of fans for the next 100 years and so that they will never forget him, he is the first player in the history of the league. the NBA, MLB, NHL And NFL He won 3 Best Player awards in the tournament in his first 7 seasons.

Patrick Mahomes He showed up again in victory San Francisco 49ers Who has great talent and whose legs never shake when he is in a moment of extreme stress. During the Super Bowl XVIII He remained calm and collected despite the poor offensive play during the first half of the game.

However, in the second half, the team took turns and began making consecutive plays to get closer to their opponent on the scoreboard, ending up deciding it all on the final play with 14 seconds to play and the TD that marked the beginning of a dynasty. Kansas City Heads In the NFL. These were numbers Mahomes in it Super BW VIII:

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– 34 completed passes on 46 attempts, 333 yards, success rate 73.9. 2 TDs, 1 interception, 99.3 rating. He also had 9 carries for 66 yards, the longest a 22-yarder with the game lost and with under two minutes remaining.

Patrick Mahomes He is undoubtedly one of the athletes who will be remembered in history NFLBut also sports in United State.

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