Students and Academics from the Faculty of Social Sciences Participate in Citizens Dialogue – News from the University of Playa Ancha

On July 4, 2023, academics from Faculty of Social Sciences From our House of Studies, he participated in a self-convened citizens’ dialogue in the framework of strengthening the founding process under the protection of the Participation Secretariat.

They were part of the action Sociology intern, Alessandra Pacheco; and the Academics Dr. Francisco Baez, Dr. Mauricio Rojas, Dr. Cristian Aranjuez, and Dr. Anibal Perez.

Coordinated by Dr. Anibal Perez, this case served to collectively reflect on the foundational process, the limits and scope of the constitutional draft, as well as critique the sub-state and form the concept of citizenship on a civil, political and social basis. , as well as the recognition of minorities. It is believed that this is the basis for a new relationship between the state and citizens.

The General Secretariat for Citizen Participation is a team made up of the University of Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which in collaboration with accredited universities throughout the country and other civil society institutions and entities, is responsible for designing, implementing and organizing a citizen participation process with the aim of enabling citizens to influence the constitutional debate.

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