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The victory of the Spaniards over the Russians, 6-3

Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz qualified, on Friday, for the final of the Wimbledon Championships, which is the third “Grand Slam” this season and which is being played on the grass in London (United Kingdom), after defeating Russia’s Daniil Medvedev by 6-3 in just under two hours.

On center court at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, where the stands seem to have popped, Alcaraz especially prevailed in the first two sets. The Morcians extended their line in London.

With 80% (16/20) points won on the first serve, Alcaraz did not concede a single break point to Medvedev in the first set. Although the Russian did not make it easy for his opponent either, he stumbled in the eighth game and paid dearly for it. One “break” ball was enough for a man from El Palmar to break it and take advantage (5-3).

Having won an empty serve, he closed the first set in his favor (6-3) and implicitly sent the Moscow team. He had to row and row a lot to hurt Morcien, who made a cool 30-40 save in the second game of the second set. To make matters worse, “de facto”, Alcaraz broke his opponent’s serve (2-1).

Medvedev didn’t make it easy for him, who ended up giving up the chance of the third break. From that moment on, the Palmar man did not hesitate in his serve roles and hardly tried to find “tickles” in his opponent’s service. He managed the distance well and closed out the second set in 36 minutes.

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At the beginning of the third set, Murcian accelerated to a 3-0 lead, after he broke in the second half (2-0) against Medvedev without finesse, uncomfortable on the grass of a court in which there was one player from the other. Mesh side preferred. Having won the fourth match with difficulties (3-1), the Moscow team managed to return (3-2).

But he blamed, perhaps, a lack of confidence against the dynamic Alcaraz for every load on the net. In those parts, and at this point in the match, the Murcian wall was clearly visible on the track and was also a mental hurdle for Medvedev. Not in vain, the tennis player left Moscow without strengthening one or another previous break in the seventh game (4-3).

In that strange dance of “breaks”, Alcaraz stood 5-3 and left no room for surprises. During the ninth race, in his first option to close the game at 40-30, El Mourcian worked the point from every corner of the track and finished with a slick right cross.

Amidst cheers, the man from El Palmar raised his arms in victory as an involuntary act. Without delay, almost at the net, he squeezed Medvedev’s hand, and then the chair referee’s hand. Thus another company with Central Court took shape. Next Sunday, he will seek to win the title, in his first Wimbledon final, against Serbian Novak Djokovic.

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