‘Stranger Things 4’: Spotify explains how to save you from Vecna

And if only I could, I’d make a deal with God… Kate Bush has the power to save Max from Vicna. Do you already know which song from your Spotify account will save you from the horrific villain of Stranger Things?

This weekend, the long-awaited second volume of Stranger Things Season 4 was released and Spotify brought us back the playlist dedicated to finding out which songs could save us from Vecna/Harry/One. Do you already have your own?

One of the most epic scenes in the fourth season of the series not shiny s Russians Also known as the Duffer Brothers was undoubtedly when Max (Sadie Sink(He managed to escape from the clutches of Vecna)Jimmy CampbellListen to her favorite song: “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

The song that saved Max is Run Up That Hill.

After being attacked by the Upside Down’s most powerful villain, Max can’t stop listening to the album dogs of loveby Kate Bush to stop him from taking over her mind again and opening a portal in Hawkings. His favorite song in the series has been a musical phenomenon in recent times. It became one of the most listened to on Spotify almost 40 years after its launch, in 1985, and fans never missed any opportunity to use it in some videos on tiktok or Instagram.

Kate Bush thanked her fans for their support, as Run Up That Hill broke three Guinness records: the biggest singer to have reached number one, the longest number one song on the UK’s official chart, and the longest gap between number one.

Running up that hill broke three Guinness World Records.

You may have heard that the first part of the wonderful and exciting new season of ‘Stranger Things’ recently premiered on Netflix. It features the song “Running Up That Hill” which is given a new life thanks to the young fans who love the series. I love it too!Bush said.

Sadie Sink, the actress who plays Max, starred in the video for the extended version of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” and revealed that the song that will save her from Vecna ​​is “August” by the artist himself.. Very fast. in the middle for the noise To the end of the penultimate season of the series that has accompanied us since 2016 lovers Weird things They shared via social networks the song that would save them from Vecna.

Eddie Monson and Metallica star in an epic scene at the end of Stranger Things 4

Spotify has created a custom playlist, along with Netflix, with songs that will help you escape from Vecna, Upside Down Playlist, in case you are one of those people who can’t decide on their favorite song or change it every two days. The flipped playlist includes 50 songs that Sopitfy’s algorithm has detected as your favorite songs. The list will be updated automatically and you can access it from the app.

What song will save you from Vicna? I share with you in case you ever need redemption: “It’s a Sin,” by Pet Shop Boys.

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