Stolen luxury cars seized bound for Dubai, UK

police United kingdom I found two cars soccer players affiliate Premier League which was stolen earlier this year. vehicles Welfareincluding ferrari, They were hiding in a container The shipment is expected to be exported to Dubai Essex Police reported from London. compounds have been discovered before Stolen Vehicle Intelligence Unit (SVIU) Essex Police in Harbour London Gate in Thurrock, Essex. It was stolen by sporadic from neighboring provinces.

Among the recovered cars was a Ferrari and a Range rover sports. Police did not name the Premier League players who owned the vehicles, but said they did More than 100 international matches between them.” The cars were returned to their owners, according to the official statement.

High-end cars are among the 517 stolen cars with a total value of more than 73,907,542 dirhams which Essex Police have been able to locate so far this year.

Essex Police said one of the footballers had come to the police station for… to thank to the unit to return his car. Police officer phil Pentillo, The player, who helped locate the car, said the player “was grateful and really surprised even where We arrived his car was visible I love For him it was very a fan With the service he received from the police.” “Although he plays for one of the biggest teams rivals From my team, he was a good and down to earth guy the earth. “It was good to help him,” he added.

when explaining The method of work affiliate thieves, Once a car is stolen, the police said, criminals try to do so sell it as soon as possible. get off car and then send cutting or the whole vehicle to such areas The Middle East And Africa. vehicles may He sells Even for Two or three more times The statement added that those costs would be incurred in the United Kingdom. To stop this type of crime, Essex Police launched a campaign ignition process This summer, SVIU and the Highway Police gather researchers.

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