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Written by Jack Lowthian, “Who is Erin Carter?” It is a drama series full of action and adventure, and it revolves around a British teacher named Irene Collantes who lives a quiet and normal life in Spain. In addition to being a teacher, she is a mother and wife. Her life spins out of control when she finds herself involved in a supermarket robbery and one of the robbers claims to have recognized her. Now that the secret of her violent past is out, Erin must do everything she can to clear her name and protect her family.

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With great performances from an ensemble cast including Even Ahmed, Sean Teal, Douglas Henshall, Susana Fielding and Charlotte Vega, the crime series is set in Spain as the heroine tries to maintain her peaceful life, far from her action-packed past. Due to the UK’s history, parts of the Netflix series are also set in England. So, if you are curious to know where the movie Who Is Erin Carter was filmed, here are all the necessary details about it.

Who is Irene Carter?: The series was filmed in Spain

Who is Erin Carter?

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Who is Erin Carter? Filmed in Spain and England, specifically in Barcelona and Kent. The original plan was to shoot the first season between March and August 2022, but due to some delays, production has been pushed back. Finally, principal photography for the police series began in May 2022 under the working title “Palomino”, and appears to have finished in September of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s find out about all the specific filming locations found in the Netflix series!

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“Who is Irene Carter?”: Series Locations

Who is Erin Carter?

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Lots of “Who is Erin Carter?” Filmed in the province of Barcelona. The production team made the most of Barcelona’s vast and varied landscape, camping across the city to shoot several important scenes with appropriate backdrops. Whether it’s the picturesque streets of Barcelona or the city’s beautiful beaches, they all play a leading role in every episode of the action series. Some key scenes were also shot in Manresa.

Thus, some famous monuments can appear in the background, such as the Sagrada Familia, the Arc de Triomphe, the Tower of Glory, the Barceloneta, the Rambla, and the Venetian Towers. In addition to “Who is Irene Carter?”, Barcelona has hosted the production of several films and TV series over the years.

After filming the first season in Barcelona, ​​the Who Is Irene Carter unit? He headed to Kent County in the southeastern region of England. Specifically, the seaside town of Folkestone, on the banks of the English Channel, is one of the main filming locations for the series starring Evin Ahmed. For example, the Folkestone harbor arm appears in several sequences in the series. In addition, some Folkestone residents saw the cast and crew film key parts in and around The Stade and Court Approach Road.

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