Starmer promises to reduce immigration to the UK

London, June 2 (EFE). – The leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, the first opposition party in the United Kingdom, promised on Sunday that if he wins the general elections scheduled for July 4, he will reduce immigration levels. To the country through laws that ensure companies employ British workers first.

“Read my lips: I will reduce immigration numbers. If you give me the keys to Number 10 (the Prime Minister’s residence), I will make you this promise: I will control our borders and make sure British businesses help employ Britons first,” Starmer told The Sun on Sunday.

“We must not only talk about extremely high migration rates, but act accordingly,” he stressed.

He explained that employers who violate labor laws, such as not paying the minimum wage to their employees, will be prohibited from hiring workers from abroad.

“The Conservatives say over and over again that they will reduce these numbers. They never did. They completely failed. They never had a strategy to deal with this,” he added.

The newspaper states that this is the first time that the Labor Party leader has publicly committed to stopping immigration if he wins the elections, although he cannot specify when he will be able to achieve this.

“Last year’s net migration figure of 685,000 people should come down,” Starmer said, referring to corresponding data on foreign workers with legal status who entered versus those who left.

Starmer, who will not implement the Conservatives’ plan in Rwanda to control illegal immigration, also promised legislation to link the immigration system to training, so companies applying for visas for foreign workers can instead first train Britons to carry out the work.

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Immigration is one of the most important campaign debates ahead of the July election.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives have insisted they will press ahead with their plan to combat illegal immigration by sending migrants across the English Channel in boats – between England and France – to Rwanda after reaching a deal with the African country.

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