UK launches investigation into Afghan translators’ data breach

MADRID, September 21 (European press) –

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has launched an investigation into the leak of data from more than 250 Afghan translators who worked with British forces, who were seeking to leave the country after the Taliban seized power.

The email addresses of those affected were mistakenly copied into an email from Britain’s Ministry of Defense, allowing all recipients to see the names and some profile pictures, according to the BBC.

Specifically, the mail, intended for the interpreters themselves, many of whom are in hiding and awaiting evacuation from the country in which they previously worked, was sent by the team responsible for assisting and transporting Afghans.

In the letter, former collaborators were advised that their safety should be maintained and that everything possible was being done to transport them, even though the mail itself could put recipients at risk.

The Ministry of Defense apologized for the error, although sources close to the BBC noted that this “could claim the lives of the interpreters” and confirmed that some responded with “explaining their position”.

After realizing the error, the British team informed those affected, recommending that they change their email addresses.

The Minister of Defense considered the leak an “unacceptable violation” and ordered an investigation into it. “We apologize to those affected by this violation and are working hard to ensure that it does not happen again,” a ministry spokesman said.

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