SSH participates in the 15th National Congress on Integrative Medicine – AgendaHidalgoensee, digital newspaper

Pachuca, HGO.- The promotion of sexual and reproductive rights is a guarantee protected and instructed by the head of the Ministry of Health of Hidalgo (SSH), María Zoraida Robles Barrera, so through the health services, it promotes programs and strategies aimed at promoting sexual and reproductive rights. Comprehensive sexual education.

An example of the above is Hidalgo’s participation in the 15th National Congress of Integrated Medicine based in Puebla, which was held from November 22 to 25.

During this meeting, the Medical Assistance Unit for Vulnerable Patients at SSH Hospital was present with the presentation of the poster “Comprehensive and Person-Centered Care in ILE”, in the Models of Care category, which was awarded third place. In the form of a scientific poster.

The work explained how comprehensive care is thought of from a sexual and reproductive health clinic, where physical, mental and social well-being are also ensured, as well as reducing mortality, saturation and operating costs related to legal abortion of pregnancy (IL).

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