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Culiacan, Sen. – The Culiacan Civil Hospital Followed by long tablecloths under celebrations from him 90th AnniversaryThrough the use of the attending physicians Hilda Orta s Ulysses Gonzalez PulidoSports medicine signs.

more than 40 years of experience In sports medicine, first with the national teams from his home country, Cuba. And now resides in Mexicothey work for National Sports Committee and the Mexican Olympic Committee.

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At the event held this weekend, in the same civil hospital, before a large attendance, Dr. Orta presented the topic, “Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Covid Patients”. While Dr. Gonzalez Pulido spoke about the importance of physical activity and health.

The authorities of the civil hospital in Culiacan headed by its director, Dr Dr. Everardo Quevedo Director of the Physical Rehabilitation Department Dr. Juan Lauro Martinez Barredawhich organized this new event in the framework of the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the Culiacan Civil Hospital.

“It is important to have this kind of Exhibitions. Because even though covid is true, it’s starting to decline statistically. But he left us After the catastrophe Prolonged COVID-19 disease, and its consequences illness. Even hospitals are strongholds of health in Sinaloalike the Civil Hospital in Culiacan, you must be prepared to have a response that is as adequate and as scientific as possible to know how to respond to the needs of the population.”announced in an interview Dr. Gonzalez Pulido.

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He added that this is the reason Importance who is this medical talks; “I congratulate Civil Hospital for that, because here we talked about the importance of exercise and physical activity as a response Economic And so on productive To counter the effects of covidDr. Ulysses Gonzalez Pulido concluded with these words.

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