Motorola bluetooth headphones are now on sale for only 25 euros

The model in question is Motorola VerveRider, Some Neck type headphones Fairly good quality and it is a fairly complete solution for all kinds of needs. Its end combines plastic and metal well, so from an aesthetic point of view this is an attractive accessory thanks to its support element, which can be carried without moving easily while walking. By the way, only the weight of the product 40 gramsAnd it’s an excellent touch.

The Motorola Bluetooth headphones on sale offer excellent compatibility, so you won’t face any problems when used with computers and smartphones (in the latter case, it has to be said that they work well with both models. iOS Like the ones they use Male in appearance). Needless to say, it includes controls that make it possible to manage copies without having to remove the synchronous limb (these are found in the neck debtor component, hence, their use is really simple). Nice details guarantee a A good work environment It is the use of silicone tips that always guarantee an excellent fit.

Get Motorola bluetooth headphones for sale

The store they’re available in is eBay, so you don’t have reliability issues to get this product from home. he is Discount Located from 71% At the moment, we are talking about an impressive display of a full extension because it is not missing anything, because, for example, it is compatible with using voice assistants like Alexa. We leave the purchase link below as you now don’t have to pay anything to ship to your home. It is as follows:

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Important options in this form

One of them is that they have microphone High quality, so you can answer calls with this Motorola VerveRider without difficulty … perfect thing if you walk around and don’t want to have to tamper with the phone. Besides, this is very important in wireless devices, with the internal battery included Get 12 hours of regular use-Totally respectable figure and ensure that you will not be attracted to any chin before using the USB cable which provides excellent compatibility and simplicity of use.

Motorola VerveRider controls

Finally, it should be noted that compatibility with reproduction is High-Resolution AudioWhich makes it work well for, for example, listening to music. With frequency management from 20 to 20,000 Hz, everything you hear will be heard with more than acceptable accuracy.

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