Spanish companies are among the least digitized in the epidemic | Economy

Spanish companies are included in the last group of ten, out of a total of 43 nationalities, in terms of increased digitization due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the finding presented by a study published yesterday by ManpowerGroup on the challenges of improving the employability of professionals.

In the same group of lagging companies appear UK, France, China or India companies. In the top ten were companies from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Mexico.
The report, which was attended by more than 26,000 executives from 43 countries, concluded that 38% of organizations around the world have accelerated their plans for digitization due to the pandemic, and 86% of them confirmed that they have retained their entire staff. Or even it will expand it.

On the contrary, 45% of companies have not been affected by the health crisis when it comes to accelerating their digitization. And in this proportion are the Spaniards, although the epidemic did not have a significant impact on other industrialized countries such as North America, which did not take the initiative.

Sizes and sectors

The companies that put the most effort into digitization are the largest, and according to the report, the ones that keep the most jobs. Small and medium enterprises, on the contrary, are the ones that suffer the most from the consequences of the Coronavirus crisis, and thus, those that are delaying their digitization projects.

Finance, insurance, real estate, business services and manufacturing are the sectors that have implemented the fastest digital operations in the face of the arrival of the Coronavirus and were before the slowest crisis. Construction and trade are among the sectors that have interacted before. Although the study shows that not all companies in the above-mentioned sectors are on the same level in this matter.

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A ManpowerGroup survey highlights that one of the companies’ internal areas that has become a priority due to the health crisis has been human resources. 15% of the most digitized societies have expanded these teams.
In contrast, the aspects that became more important to these departments are employee health and well-being, according to 63% of the managers consulted.

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