Sony One: the new fast-paced streaming service arrives in the UK

On March 26, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) announced in a press release Sony One, a new fast streaming service for LG, Samsung TV Plus and TiVo+ TVs, launches in the UK. FAST stands for “Free Ad-Supported TV.” It refers to free TV channels that are funded by advertising.

Sony One will launch in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland in April 2024. SPE wants to offer a wide range of content from its own extensive library on 54 channels, from films and series to reality shows.

Sony has realized the potential

Sony One is part of the strategy to make Sony Pictures Entertainment's comprehensive content available to everyone, wherever they are, across different platforms. Steve Wood, Senior Vice President of Digital Sales and Distribution at SPE, comments:

“Sony Pictures recognizes the potential of the free, ad-supported TV space to attract new viewers around the world with our extensive catalog of feature films and TV series spanning 100 years. Our entry into the FAST space in Europe reflects our dedication to making this the best quality content available to the public through new and important distribution channels.”

Sony One launched with 8 channels

The FAST streaming service will initially be launched offering eight channels. The content of these channels will be carefully curated, with programming adapted to different countries. It is currently unclear how many of the planned 54 channels will eventually be available in the UK.

  1. Sony Onecomedy Television: Series like Seinfeld, The Babysitter, and The Goldbergs
  2. Sony Oneexcitement television: Series like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Justified
  3. Sony OneFavorites: Timeless classics and fan favorites like Charmed, Community, and Dawson's Creek
  4. Sony One comedyVisits: Classic comedies like Step Brothers, Jerry Maguire, and Easy A
  5. Sony One Action successful: Action and adventure films such as District 9, Men in Black, and Zombieland
  6. Sony OneShark tank: Episodes of the reality series “Shark Tank,” in which founders pitch their business ideas to big-name investors.
  7. Sony One Dragons Den: Episodes of the reality series “Dragons' Den”, where founders pitch their business ideas to well-known investors.
  8. Sony One Blacklist: Episodes of the detective series “The Blacklist”, in which one of the most wanted criminals in the world works with a young FBI analyst to hunt down criminals and terrorists.
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