Sony claims copyright for EarthBound videos uploaded to YouTube – Nintenderos

We bring strange news regarding the franchise ground. Apparently, the creators Youtube Those who upload his videos are having problems for a few days.

Several reports confirm that their EarthBound/Mother videos are restricted by Sony, which claims copyright. These restrictions include ad revenue claiming and in other cases videos are removed entirely.

This seems to be related to the music of the game that was released as album Studio in 1989 under the CBS/Sony music label. This is the reason why Sony claims the copyright to the soundtracks in the videos for two weeks, even though the entire brand and franchise belongs to nintendo.

This is the album in question:

It seems that many users are sharing their unease about the situation on social networks, although it seems at the moment Unlikely Sony decided to analyze each video individually rather than automatically flagging all those containing the soundtrack as it currently does. What do you think? We read to you in the comments.


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