Sonora is a national example in implementing the health care model of well-being: Cenaprece

Hermosillo, Sonora. It is a model for other countries to transform medical services for the benefit of citizens, said Rui López Redora, Director of the Center for Well-Being Health Care (MAS-Bienestar). National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (CINAPRESS).

He explained that the primary goal of this model is to ensure health protection, under the criteria of inclusiveness and equality, whereby all people without exceptions of any kind receive free health services, with a focus on those who do not have social security.


He noted that Sonora, Mexico City and Campeche were selected to install collective health tools, such as disease prevention, free treatments and other measures.

“We believe that the state of Sonora already has all the conditions for this model. The Department of Health, together with Dr. Alumea, has made progress in many of these processes, which is why we decided to come here to learn from what has been done here and also translate it to provide examples for other states.” . compressed.

During his tour of Sonora, López Ridaura held meetings with health authorities, in addition to visiting units that are being adapted to implement this model, in order to check new infrastructure spaces for greater responsiveness.


For his part, Armando de Negri Filho, Health Systems and Services Adviser at the representative of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in Mexico, described the implementation of this model in Sonora and the rest of the country as a complex challenge, but it brings great benefits. directly to residents and health professionals.

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