Some of the highly automated skyscrapers and other tech flicks in America

Bogotá, Aug. 17 (EFE). This is the most important technology news of the week in America.

1. Robots from New York skyscrapers

Since the 1960s, humans have actually wanted someone (or something) to do those unrewarding (or dangerous) tasks that need to be done.

In The Jetsons (1962-1963) Robotina is in charge of cleaning Sónico’s family’s house, but the robots new to New York are now having a slightly harder time.

The cleaning company Platinum uses Ozmo cleaning robots in Durst-run buildings such as 10 Hudson Yards, 383 Madison Avenue, 825 Third Avenue and 7 World Trade Center.

Developed by Skyline Robotics, Ozmos is not as autonomous as Robotina as it operates from the roof of skyscrapers, but will soon be able to be controlled remotely.

Of course, they clean three times faster than a human operator.

Many of us need a few more Ozmos. The glasses do not clean themselves.

2. IA Publisher on Amazon

Let’s say you’re shopping for Brian May’s “Star Fleet Project” 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition on Amazon and find a review from another customer that you’ve gone a full day without baking.

Well, the “block” written by another microuser can be summed up in a single paragraph thanks to the work of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to Amazon, the goal of this new functionality is for potential buyers to quickly get a general idea of ​​what other users are saying about the product.

Más cascadito, as it is said in the Colombian slang.

For now, this feature is only available on the mobile app in the United States.

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Good, if brief, is twice as good … as Baltasar Gracian preached.

3. “Are we going to ‘play’ Netflix?”

Netflix, the dean of “streaming”, wants to be fully involved in video games and has already taken its first steps.

Although a few months ago it offered titles to play on mobile phones and tablets, it wants to venture into the field of computers and televisions.

For now, a small group of users in Canada and the United Kingdom will enjoy this functionality in beta mode.

The online games for testing will be “Oxenfree,” from Night School Studio (Netflix), and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” from the same house as N.

What about the controls? Well keyboard and mouse in the case of computers, remote control in the case of televisions.

Wake up, Roblox, Netflix is ​​coming for you!

4. Mexico and Brazil are at the forefront of technology

It’s no secret that Mexico and Brazil are always ahead in many aspects, and they couldn’t be more different in terms of artificial intelligence.

According to the First Latin America Index of Artificial Intelligence (ILIA), presented by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) in Santiago de Chile, the country of enchiladas and the country of feijoada concentrate 95% of the region’s artificial intelligence (AI) patents.

“There are Latin American countries that have tremendous development in AI on a relative level,” says Rodrigo Duran, Liaison Director of the National Center for Artificial Intelligence (CENIA) in Chile, in charge of ILIA, such as Mexico and Brazil.

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Others are a little behind.

Technological development in the region must be fostered so that you can talk face to face with the great champions of artificial intelligence.

5. Tesla, for sale!

continued! come close! Check out the great deals Tesla has for you! The Model X, with which you can travel up to 432 kilometers, can now be used for $88,490. $ 10,000 less than the autonomous version for 560 kilometers!

And the Model S isn’t far behind. Vacation vehicle in a “full power” charged megaship for only $78,490, another $10,000 discount over the standard version.

Both cars have all-wheel drive, to give them more power and speed.

Visit us to enjoy your service in our agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico! Soon in more countries? Who do you know!

6. He spoke of chariots

… and artificial intelligence, General Motors announced that it will invest $ 60 million in the American company Mitra Chem, which specializes in developing batteries with the help of this technological advancement.

With this move, GM and Mitra Chem will seek to reduce the cost of manufacturing batteries by developing active cathode materials based on iron, such as lithium, manganese and phosphate.

And how does artificial intelligence enter here? Well, with lka IA and the money GM would be pouring in, Mitra Chem can simulate, synthesize and test thousands of cathode designs each month.

Smart move from General Motors!

7. The end of the charade?

It seems that the whole story of the famous battle between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg was nothing more than a farce or a game of words and challenges between two giants in the technological world.

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The Meta boss threw in the towel and confirmed that Musk wasn’t “serious” about the MMA (mixed martial arts) meeting and said it was time to let it go.

“If Elon is serious about a real date and an official event, he knows how to contact me. Otherwise, it’s time to let him slide. I’m going to focus on competing with people who take sports seriously.” Zuckerberg as Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in Rocky III (1982).

Musk said a few days ago that he had already spoken with the Italian government about a “historic site” for the fight, but also said he should probably have a pre-fight medical.

Looks like a big X should be placed over that fight.

Luis Alejandro Amaya E.

(c) EFE Agency

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