Some ‘leverages’ to help SMEs arriving from the UK: what’s the point?

Chambers of commerce have existed since the Middle Ages, at least in Spain, which later transferred this practice to these lands.

In the case of those assigned to Relations international, they aim Favoring and optimizing exports and imports in a particular country.

This is the case in Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce (CCAB), a non-profit organization that promotes trade and investment between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

They create business contacts for their members and Providing “customized” services and permanent networking opportunities, That this past year and a half was almost made.

Alejandro Campos, Executive Director of CCAB.

In the specific case of Small and medium-sized companiesIts CEO, Alejandro Campos, highlights access to webinars on various topics for free, and share CCAB Sustainable Leadership Award Which gives winners of different categories (one of them is SMEs) recognition, and access to networking activities, such as the recent Services Gallery Many SMEs have engaged in interaction with various organizations associated with the 22 binational rooms and benefits to associates such as discounts on Ucema teachers or English language technical books at Librera Kel.

They are young, successful and run a millionaire economy: new businesses that entice investors and multitudes

The CCAB Award aims for large corporations, small businesses, the public sector and NGOs to share good practices of initiatives that have a triple impact (economic, social and environmental).

Although many companies and organizations have participated, this award has potential additional significance for SMEs.

“It is interesting for a large company to be able to publicly demonstrate their triple effect practices This is prestigious, but for small and medium-sized companies that are strengthened because they do not have large resources and they always have to fight it much more,” Campos argues.

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The The Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce (CCAB) is A non-profit organization that promotes trade and investment between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

As a good example Campos points to last year’s winner Cook Master Preparing food for dining rooms And that it has a program – called Faith – that gives people deprived of their liberty access to a job.

“A very commendable and sustainable proposal”, highlights Campos and also mentions – think of SME winners – for a company that won a comprehensive program for local animal conservation (Pomera Maderas, 2020, SME category) and a hotel in Purmamarca (Hostal Posta, 2014) that has developed a sustainable architecture for a sustainable destination.

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