Softball, cricket, squash, soccer and lacrosse

the Olympic Games They are an entity that is constantly evolving over time. It is common to see how some disciplines enter and others exit the Olympic program depending on the times, and for this reason Los Angeles 2028 Organizing Committee It has already submitted its own proposal to include new disciplines that do not currently fall under the umbrella of the Olympic Games.

Same as this Monday Los Angeles 2028 It announced its intention to host five new sports. Softball, cricket, soccer, lacrosse and squash are the disciplines that the North American Games organizing committee wants to include in its program within five years.

At the moment, it is just a proposal submitted by the Organizing Committee, so there are still preliminary steps to approve this application and these sports can be part of the 2028 Olympics. The next step will be taken by the Organizing Committee. Olympic Program Committee of the International Olympic Committeewhich will issue a recommendation to executive board To the International Olympic Committee, and if accepted, the Board of Directors of this organization will present the proposal at the IOC session in mumbai, in India. The meeting will be held between October 15 and 17.

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As stated by the organizing committee, if they push forward with their idea and overcome all obstacles, the final program for each event and the number of athletes qualified for these methods will be determined in the future.

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Many of them were already Olympians

Of these five sports that Los Angeles 2028 proposes to include in its Olympic programme, as many as three already know what it means to be part of the Games. These are softball, cricket and lacrosse, while novelty will come in the case of soccer and squash.

Softball was part of the games Barcelona 92, Beijing 2008 And Tokyo 2020. The other two cases are older, because cricket has only been Olympic once in 1900, while lacrosse entered the Olympics in 1904 and 1908. In this way, it becomes possible to restore sports that have been in decline for more than a year. .

Flag football is a type of American football where contact is greatly reduced. It is therefore not a violent game, as intervention is done by stealing the flag hanging from the players' waists rather than having to knock down the opponents.

Flag football game.


Squash, for its part, has never been on the Olympics programme, so this will be the first time the discipline has crept into the most important competition in all of sport.

“The sports proposed by LA 2028 spark the imagination on the field and take the culture off it. They are relevant, innovative and community-based, and are played in stadiums, schools, community centers, playgrounds and parks across the United States and the world,” commented the organizing committee.

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