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WhatsApp has become the preferred instant messaging application above other applications, in terms of its features and compatibility with operating systems Android and iOS They made it very popular. Moreover, it cannot be denied that it is very effective and secure thanks to the recent updates made to protect user information.

Although it is a very popular application and we all have it installed on our mobile phones, there are some geopolitical areas where its use is prohibited through bans or restrictions, so if you have no way to connect to a Wi-Fi network but have to connect, this special function will get you out of trouble. .

Do you want to send messages but do not have internet on your cell phone?

If you need to send messages when you don't have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use the option developed by Meta called WhatsApp agentIts purpose is to allow users to send messages in places or situations where there are restrictions.

This feature is designed for regions where the use of WhatsApp is restricted or has some restrictions, for example, if you travel to a country where you cannot use the app freely.

What is an agent?

In general, a proxy server or proxy server is described as a server, which can be software or hardware, that acts as an intermediary between requests made by the client and the destination server, and can be described as a kind of “bridge”. “

How to activate WhatsApp Proxy function?

To activate the option WhatsApp agentThe first thing you should do is make sure you have the latest WhatsApp update. Then get the agent's address, write it down or copy it to your clipboard, and then follow these steps:

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Firstly: Inside your phone, open the app WhatsApp Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

second: Select the “Settings” option and go there.

third: Then choose the “Storage and Data” option.

room: Look at the bottom of the screen to the “Proxy Settings” option, select it.

Fifth: Later activate the option that says “Use Proxy”.

VI: The next step is to choose “Appointment of agent“, here you should type or paste the address of the agent you got initially.

Seventh: Finally, just click on the “Save” option and that’s it.

Someone using WhatsApp, credits to Canva

With this, you can now use WhatsApp Naturally as you always did, using a valid proxy and bypassing the restrictions on using this application in certain geopolitical regions.

This way you can use the instant messaging service without needing an internet connection. We recommend using only trusted proxy addresses for secure messaging.

What types of messages you can share WhatsApp?

  • Text messages
  • Audios
  • Calls and video calls
  • documents
  • Photos and videos
  • music
  • cartoon
  • attachments
  • Fixed and real-time location
  • Links
  • Contacts
  • ZIP files, among others.

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