From just one gold at the Atlanta Olympics to 27 at Rio 2016: what can be learned from Britain's sporting renaissance


The United Kingdom overtook China in gold medals at the Rio Olympics to take second place in the table, behind only the United States.

The 27 gold medals with which the UK secured itself second place in the medal table at the Rio 2016 Olympics, ahead of China, surprised many and left a question in the air.

Can money buy Olympic medals?

When British swimmer Adam Peaty crossed the finish line and broke his own record to win gold in the 100 breaststroke in Rio, his victory was a reward for his efforts and talent, but also for his efforts. toThe UK's investment in its athletes.

Despite emerging as a potential star at the age of 14, Beatty initially had to raise money at parties organized by friends and neighbors so he could pay for trips to national competitions.

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