SNAP will send $1,751 worth of food stamps before Christmas

SNAP recipients in some states will receive $1,751.00 in financial assistance before December 23. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, as it is known, is a federal project. However, each state decides the date of delivering the monthly budget to its beneficiaries.

There are about two weeks until the end of 2023 before beneficiaries get their money into their hands. Each country has its own characteristics in this regard. For example, Alaska already sent its payment on December 1, and the next day will be the first of 2024.

Payments before Christmas

The states that will send their SNAP checks before Christmas are: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana and Maryland. Some prefer to send the estimate by Social Security number, others take the first letter of the person’s last name, and sometimes the case number.

Alabama began sending out SNAP benefits on Dec. 4 and uses the last two digits of the recipient’s case number. December 23 will be the final payment for those whose case number ends with 95-99.

Delaware began the process on the second day. When appropriate, they use the first letter of the recipients’ last name. If the first letter is Q or R, payment will be made on December 18th. If the first letter is U or V, it means December 21st. If the first letter is X, Y, or Z, it means December 23

In Georgia, payments began on December 15. On the 17th, beneficiaries with final DNI numbers between 60 and 69 will receive it.

Indiana also uses the first letter of the recipient’s last name. Every two days there is a batch that ends on December 23rd.

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In Louisiana they are guided by the last digit of your Social Security number. The next batches will be on December 17, 19, 21 and 23.

Finally, in Maryland, the SNAP office uses the first three letters of recipients’ last name. The maximum amount to be paid will be US$1,751.00 if the family consists of 8 people and US$973.00 if there are four people in the family. One person can get up to $291.00 USD.

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