The US President assesses the damage caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana – Prinsa Latina

Speaking in Laplace, an area west of New Orleans, the president noted the enormity of the meteorological system that has so far left 60 dead, mostly in the Northeast, where the remnants of the hurricane brought torrential rain and flash floods.

Biden called on electricity companies to speed up recovery efforts to restore service to more than 800,000 homes that are still in the dark amid high temperatures in that region of the American south.

He renewed his call for private insurance companies to avoid technical details and help those entitled.

The president endorsed the need to invest in infrastructure to meet the challenges of climate change after approval in the House of Representatives of a $1.2 trillion package, which will also make it possible to create new jobs.

He stressed that not only do we have to rebuild, we have to do better when another super storm hits, and no damage is done.

In this sense, he highlighted how New Orleans exemplifies the need to invest in infrastructure by mentioning the successful strengthening of dams after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which at that time caused those structures to collapse and kill nearly two thousand people. persons.

Biden intends to improve his image after the chaotic exit of US forces from Afghanistan with an effective response to the climate change responsible for this disaster and fires in the west of the country, according to analysts.

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