Skull and Bones is having a hard time beating many veterans of the legendary Assassin's Creed game

Some players were looking for something similar to Black Flag in Skull and Bones and they came face to face with reality

No more delays and half measures. The latest open beta for Skull and Bones is now available for all platforms, and its launch is just around the corner, specifically on February 16, 2024. It has been a long and painstaking development that has sought to ensure that the pirate adventure satisfies all of its fans.

Opinions are very different. Many players are enjoying the beta and are convinced that they will continue playing after launch, but a large number of them have been faced with a very harsh reality: it is far from what they expected. Assassin's Creed Black Flag veterans aren't happy either.

Skull and bones in the shadow of Assassin's Creed Black Flag

It's no secret Assassin's Creed Black Flag It was not received enthusiastically by the more traditional killers. However, time changed many opinions and it ended up being placed as one of the best parts of the series. So much so that we've been hearing requests and rumors about a remake for years. Ubisoft never repeated the ship formula again after that a fraud.

In 2017, Ubisoft's response to piracy requests was announced: Skull and Bones, a video game that creates an adventure (as a service) around Black Flag's naval battles. The idea is more than encouraging and we have dreamed for years of hearing Kenway's thundering cannons and seeing our boat riding the big waves on this section.

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Now that he is among us, what do veterans do? Assassin's Creed Black Flag After trying the open beta? the middle The star of the game He collected some data and we scoured Reddit to collect more.

“All I wanted was a new and better black flag.” SpaceGoonie comments on Reddit. “I miss having to position the boat correctly. Here you can only shoot 360 degrees,” Timtheringityding adds. Others remember one of the best aspects of Jackdaw: its powerful cannons. The sound of gunfire was loud, and you could feel the explosions.

Anyone who liked the mechanics of an AC4 ship loved the power and density of the cannons. […] Shotguns don't look like cannons, they look like powerless rifles. Maybe this will change later in the game, but I doubt it.

Another section that confused many fans was the impossibility of walking around the ship (externally and internally), participating in boarding as Edward Kenway and swimming in the sea. Fans agree that it would be unfair to ask for the exact same thing Skull and bonesBut they point out that the only thing they know how to do outside the ship is walk to explore a little and visit the shops in the ports.

“The sea looks good, but everything else looks terrible. […] Oh, and you can't swim in the sea. In a game where all your time is divided between ships and beaches, Zanaya says in her letter. “When I saw that there was no hand-to-hand combat when boarding: I think I'll start Sid Meier Pirates!” AVarietyStreamer adds in the comments.

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Others see potential in Skull and bones“After getting into ship customization and making contracts and quests for a few hours, I'd say the game has a lot of potential. It still needs some love, but the skeleton is already there,” King_karter69 says after testing the open beta; He points out the obvious: “It's a skull and bones, it's not a black flag, it's not a Sea of ​​Thieves,” he says. Kimbobins.

It was never promised that it would be a black flag […] It wasn't promised to be Sea of ​​Thieves either, if you want to play any of those, do so! They both cost less than $20 and aren't going anywhere. […] There is a lot of negativity from people who have nothing constructive to say. […] It's okay to not like it! But if you want to change things up, commenting “shitty game, it's not Black Flag” won't help you. It's impossible to have a conversation here now.

definitely: Skull and bones It did not end its penetration among many fans Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Assassins Adventure set the bar very high and the beta was not enough for many. As for us, we are playing the open beta and will give you the analysis when we master the seas in the final version.

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