miracle! Nintendo can fix the Joy-Con Drift after years of complaints

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Ah, Joey Con Drift, The problem was a huge scandal for Nintendo But this was overshadowed by the success of the Switch. Years have gone by, and there are users who keep reporting it, and just when it seemed like the Japanese company wouldn’t do anything about it did the miracle that many had expected arrived and seemed to come along with the special edition Joy-Con from legend of zelda sword skyward.

Will this be the solution for the Joy-Con Drift?

The Joy-Con drift is one of the issues Switch users fear most, and at a lower cost, thousands of pesos have been spent on a Nintendo console and the controls are known to not come cheap, hence the fear of finding out that the stick even in a neutral position registers movement. However, two weeks ago, A user shared a method that successfully fixed the drift This partly explains why, in general, a sudden wear condition or movement that requires pressure on the back of the stick occurs, which is evident within the control.

Well, it looks like solving a 1mm thick piece of cardboard could be the “cure” for the Joy-con drift because after launching legend of zelda sword skyward And a pair of Joy-Con Special Edition, another user decided to open them up and found inside a pair of black bars that were not yet present in any of the controls and models, and which remain in the exact position they were suggested to put a piece of cardboard on.

Over 4 years, Joy-Con drift may be a thing of the past

This discovery made players believe that after a long time, Nintendo could do something about the Joy-Con Drift and that the solution was something as simple as ensuring there was something that allowed enough pressure on the part. Inside the stick so that drift is a thing of the past.

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Obviously, Nintendo hasn’t said anything about it, and you’ll hardly ever mention it, but it looks like we’re having good news because from now on, and in the years to come, Joy-Con drifting will be a thing of the past. It is also a positive for those who are planning to get an OLED Switch, Well, there were doubts about the controls issue after Nintendo confirmed that there was no change inside.

Stay informed, level up.


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