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The Laboratory of Basic Sciences, Department of Physics and Chemistry of the La Angostura Agro-Industrial Training Center in the Huila Regional of SENA, has received the good news from the National Accreditation Agency of Colombia (ONAC), becoming the first in the south of the country to be awarded this Agricultural Soil Matrix.

After a rigorous evaluation process, the organization verified compliance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard for five tests: determination of moisture, organic carbon, exchangeable acidity, cation exchange capacity, and determination of pH, which indicates that SENA has the technical capabilities, human resources and infrastructure and appropriate procedures for the development of these processes.

The National Accreditation Agency of Colombia (ONAC) has awarded the Basic Science Laboratory at SENA La Angostura an Medal of Excellence.

“This news is very important for the region because it means that the results we produce here are in line with an international standard and benefit the different productive sectors in the region, because the tests we carry out contribute to improving the productivity of the Colombian countryside. We analyze the quality of soil and water and the various factors that must be taken into account in agriculture “Highlighted by Liz Guaca Cruz, Head of Technology Services at the Agro-Industrial Training Center.

In this way, SENA La Angostura becomes the first entity training center in the entire country to accredit agricultural soil matrix chemical testing, reflecting the Huila Region’s commitment to implementing measures that promote research and development. Technological development of agriculture in the department.

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Gloria Maritza Sánchez, Deputy Director (e) of the Agro-Industrial Training Center emphasized that the aim is that the different productive sectors of Huila require analysis of moisture, organic carbon, exchangeable acidity, cation exchange capacity, determination of soil pH and soil. Water, which is essential in production processes, benefits from SENA technology services and obtains internationally certified results.

“We invite the agricultural sectors to request our technological services, as we have the technical and professional capacity to contribute to the improvement of Huilense cultivation, through this type of laboratory in which we can carry out analysis of soil samples and identify various factors that may mean better field performance,” SENA Deputy Director La Angostura noted.

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