Dean of Umm Al Quwain Grupo Milenio

Teresa Garcia Jasca Chancellor of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), stated that the application of the new General Law on Science, Technology, Humanities, and Innovation (LGHCTI) violates the right to education within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), because it Postgraduate scholarships are conditional on award By the National Council for the Humanities, Science, and Technology (Conahcyt).

She noted that according to the General Education Law, in Article 48, it is indicated that in the case of higher education institutions, federal entities, municipalities and the Federal Government must gradually guarantee free education, Starting from the bachelor level; While Section 119 indicates that funding in public education, which guarantees free access, may not be less than one percent of GDP.

With regard to the general law of higher education, the university rector confirmed that Article 66 refers to this The gradual transition to free will will not affect the achievement of the intended goals In the third constitutional article, nor in the financial affairs of higher education institutions, therefore, planning must be done according to the capabilities and status of each institution to achieve a reward, which means that state and federal subsidies must cover the needs of universities so that they can access the tips.

García Gasca stated that Conahcyt, with its new National Postgraduate System (SNP), Produced standards that violate the right to higher educationBasically, by refusing scholarships to study Masters and Ph.D.

The council classifies postgraduate programs in areas of priority interest at the national level, That is, indicating postgraduate courses and knowledge areas that are important to the country’s development and which are not.

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And in the case of the UAQ, he explained that 36 programs are considered priority (level one), 33 are classified as not priority (level three); Plus one ranked at Level V (PhD in the field of Economics from the School of Accounting and Management, with current SNP).

newly, Students of this program have been notified by the agency of the Directorate of Scientific Development and Coordinating Support for Conahcyt Scholarship Holders and Scholars, that their program is not within the disciplines of national priority interest, and for this reason the scholarship allocation has been denied.

“Flavia Luarca Peña, Minister of Innovation, Research and Graduate Studies at the university, contacted Conahcete, asked what was happening and they put the requirement to cancel the collection of fees on our pages and in all our information if we want to rely on postgraduate scholarships in our programs, this situation violates the laws of public education and higher education in the subject Free education,” he said.

The Rector explained that in postgraduate studies, in the case of a university, students enrolled in postgraduate programs in the SNP They pay to register or re-register and do not pay tuition fees; And those who are not enrolled in SNP-linked programs pay their tuition.

“What has been achieved is that this situation is reversed, and scholarships will be allocated, but this situation is happening in many universities across the country, which indicates that it is a law affecting our institution,” he said.


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