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World Justice Project (WJP) In conjunction with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Government of Tecnológico de Monterrey, presenting the specific results of Queretaro State From Mexico Rule of Law Index 2021-2022which was shared by Alejandro Gonzalez, Director of Rule of Law Projects at WJP.

The presentation took place at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro, and was attended by Mauricio Curie, Governor of the State of Querétaro; Maria Guadalupe Morgoya, Secretary of the Government of the Executive Branch of the State of Queretaro; Felipe Macias, Federal MP and Chairman of the Justice Committee; Rogelio Vega, state chief of staff; Alejandro Poirier, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Government at Tecnológico de Monterrey; So is Pascual Alcocer, Vice President of the South Central Region at Technique de Monterrey and General Manager of Campus Querétaro.

“From the Academy we join initiatives of this kind with the aim of promoting the common good. By actively participating as an institution in high-impact projects, we reaffirm our commitment to the community of Querétaro to positively impact our communities”, emphasized the General Director of Campus Querétaro, Pascual Alcosser.

“Querétaro’s results stand out compared to other states of the Republic. However, there are still significant gaps in ideal qualifications. This is indicative of that Queretaro Shares ongoing challenges with other entities,” emphasized Alejandro Gonzalez of the Global Justice Project.

Queretaro It ranks first in the Rule of Law Index for Mexico 2021-2022. The entity rose from the fifth position to the first position in the ranking, since the first release of the index in 2018.

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The country tops three of the eight factors in the index: absence of corruption (factor 2), basic rights (factor 4), and criminal justice (factor 8). In the absence of corruption and criminal justice, the country topped the rankings in all four editions of the index. Its main challenges are in order and security (factor 5), specifically in the absence of crime, as well as in open government (factor 3), ensuring the right to information. Queretaro It showed increases in scores for six of the eight factors since the first release. Highlight the increases in the limits of government authority and the absence of corruption.

The entity also has areas of opportunity in system and security (factor 5), since it is ranked 14 and has decreased its score since the first release; Mainly, the absence of the crime subfactor (subfactor 5.2), since it ranks 22nd and crime prevalence and incidence are higher than the national average. Queretaro It is ranked thirteenth in the open government. It has areas of opportunity in ensuring the right to information (sub-factor 3.2), because it ranks 24, with a score of 0.57.

“I frankly thank the Global Justice Project and the Tec de Monterrey. In particular, Dr. Alejandro Poari and Metro. Alejandro Gonzalez, with whom we share the vision that public administration must be measurable in order to be effective. I invite you: let us work to ensure a living The rule of law and its practice with transparency and accountability. Let us permanently improve our index and take our state to the next level of social justice and the common good,” said Governor, Mauricio Curie.

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Finally, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Government of the Tec de Monterrey, Alejandro Poirier, shared: “At Tecnológico de Monterrey, we are convinced that through training, knowledge creation and advocacy initiatives like universities a very special opportunity to be at the service of our society.”

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