Kevin Spacey pleaded not guilty on July 14.

the actor Kevin Spacey On Thursday, he pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges he faces in the UK.

The celebrity faces a complaint filed in June of four counts of sexually assaulting three men.

In addition, there is a fifth count of provoking a person to engage in penetrative sexual acts without their consent. This was reported by CNN in Spanish.

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The media chain explained how the charges were distributed: two counts of sexually assaulting a man in London in 2005; – a third sexual assault charge, also in London, against another man in 2008; and a final charge against a man in Gloucestershire, western England, in 2013.

Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault

Additionally, the fifth count of non-harmonic penetration activity is also related to the 2013 incident.

During the hearing, the “House of Cards” star appeared in glasses and a light blue suit.

The British judiciary has ordered the release of celebrities without bail. But in addition, they set a trial date of June 6, 2023.

If convicted, the actor faces penalties ranging from six months in prison or a fine to life imprisonment.

In the United States, Kevin Spacey also faced complaints against him for alleged sexual assault.

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